Building Project Update

Building on Faith

In 2022, MSCS raised $931,365. In 2023, we raised $1,796,212.71. In addition, we have also received $2.3 million in pledges and loans over the next 4 years. All money raised goes directly towards the building project fund. The budget for the new school is $9.4 million. Project is 92% complete and funding is 84% paid. Project is set to be completed by June 2024.

The construction of a new school building has been in the thoughts and prayers of many people over the past 30+ years. April 22, 2023 will be a day to remember as not only the official ground breaking day of MSCS, but as an answer to prayer. It is our hope that as you scroll through these pictures, you will see the dream of a community coming to fruition, and as we look forward to walking through those school doors for the first time, we continue to move ahead and are building on faith.